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Here are a few sites we suggest everyone take a look at a great website and a weekly news roundup. Subscribe to it on their website.

Bill Dickerson has a good breakdown of how to remove rust with current and washing soda:

Buckeye Triumphs has a detailed list of “how to” articles:

I’ve also had recent luck with Automotive Touchup for finding paint codes and matching paints:

Advanced Auto wire has a great colored wiring diagram if you own an MG you should be using this.

John Twist  on Youtubej

John gives great videos on different projects, issues and tips. John has retired from University Motors but continues to post YouTube videos.

Moss Motors on Youtube

Moss has created a fair amount of very informative and detailed videos.

Chicagoland MGB Club excellent “Tech Tip” articles, these usually are step by step, printable articles with quite good pictures to go with the explanations.

MG Owners Club in the UK.  I joined this club to have access to their technical staff and I can tell you that the gentleman who answers most of the inquiries, Roger Parker, is an absolute expert, really knows his stuff and is an incredible wealth of information.  Worth every penny of the £47 membership fee.  With the membership there is also an excellent monthly publication which I enjoy a great deal.

The British Saloon Car Club of Canada produce an excellent publication called the Oily Rag.
Peter Burgess is the author of a number of books .. the most pertinent to me is “How to Power Tune MBG 4-Cylinder Engines”.  There is a wealth of information in this book .. and he has others for other models of MGs, etc.  .
British Classic Motors …Barry Waterland … I had him re-build my SU Carburetors .. not cheep but I believe he did a really good job .. haven’t fired up my engine yet but I believe things will be fine.  Not only did the carbs came back “better than new” but he asked me about the specs of my engine.  When I gave him the info he said he would “adjust” the needles as necessary.  When I asked him for the technical info of what he had done the answer was astounding … see the info below …. I believe he knows what he is talking about ….

Lucas Distributors … Jeff at Advanced Distributors in Shakopee, Minnesota … from what I can tell, this guy is the best at repairing/re-curving Lucas Distributors and can supply genuine Lucas 25D distributors with the timing curve you specify.
The whole reason I had to re-build my engine ( bored out, pistons, bearings and new cam … $2500) was because it was run with oil that did not have the appropriate ZDDP levels.  For all the guys out there who are running Castrol GTX and thinking they are OK, well they are not because the North America version of this oil is not the Classic Oil from the 70’s and does not have ZDDP .. which the European Castrol GTX Classic has.  I found this excellent article on the Moss Motors site from Hick Classic Oils … worth reading …. cheeper to buy the correct oil than do the re-build .. and takes a lot less time.
Champion Oils which are also sold under Hemmings brand name . Hemmings is as you know is the collector car company and Champion oils is used by a fair number of NASCAR racing teams. The best part is one of their chief chemists owns a Triumph spitfire and he was beyond helpful in both choosing the appropriate motor oil as well as the right gear oils. The classic muscle car series of oils has the appropriate ZDDP for British engines.
Racing Heritage Garage is proud to support several local race Minis and our Heritage built power units have an excellent reputation for performance and longevity.

Can be a bit pricey however we have found that the USB tuning unit is pretty rock solid if you want to get maximum performance out of your engine.

Tips: to eliminate the points.  Just make sure you use the right performance coil (not the standard lucas coil) and the right type of spark plug wires. Don’t use copper core wires but rather use carbon core or at the least use resistor plugs.

Classic Auto LEDS